About SIJ Metal Ravne Steel Selector

The SIJ Metal Ravne Steel Selector is a warehouse of information covering the wide range of our steels. Steel Selector includes steel material properties and steel specifications from 15 standards: chemical compositions, steel applications, mechanical properties of steel alloys, steel properties on elevated temperatures, fatigue data, heat treatment and cross-reference tables of equivalent steel materials.

Our free Steel Selector allows you to view, search and print our steel data (total number of 348).

In version 5.0 of the Steel Selector you can find: cold work tool steels, hot work tool steels, low alloyed cold work tool steels, high speed steels, stainless steels, alloyed carbon steels and unalloyed carbon steels.

You may search our Steel Selector Online or Free Download the complete package and then run this application locally on your own PC which support Internet browser with JavaScript.

We hope that this Steel Selector database makes your professional life more productive and easily. Author: Dr. Henrik Kaker.

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