Non-Metallic Inclusins in Steels

These are small patches of impurities such as non metallic elements or their oxides, sulphides which are mixed into steel. They usually have to be removed from the steel in order for it to have good structural and mechanical properties.
Methods of removal include blowing in oxygen or argon (for carbon), adding calcium or magnesium (for sulphur), aluminium (for oxygen), and vacuum treatment.
Steel cleanliness can be determined using the following published standards: ASTM E45-97(2002), ASTM E2142-01, ASTM E2283-03, ASTM E1122-96(2002), ASTM E1245-03, GOST 801, DG, SAE J422, NF A04-106, DIN 5062, ISO 4967-98.

Different non-metallic inclusions is steels.

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